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Traffic Usage


We use calendar months to calculate traffic usage. The intervals start on the first of the month and end on the last day of month. Standard traffic for our selected* premium dedicated servers usually ranges from 30 - 100TB/per month depending on the server plan. All other dedicated servers are unlimited transfer. Unlimited means that CWS does not impose a quota limit. While our traffic usage is generous, it is regulated and is subject to reasonable use.


If the traffic limit is exceeded then the bandwidth will be restricted to 10 Mbit/s. You will receive warning messages via email prior to reaching the limit. In this case transfer is "unlimited", but at reduced rate This restriction to 10 Mbit/s is permanent unless one of the following two options is chosen. Please note that Option 2 can only be chosen once. If the traffic limit is exceeded a second time then only Option 1 is available.


Option 1

If you expect to exceed the traffic limit on a regular basis, we can offer a permanent default connection for your server. This means that if your server crosses the traffic limit the connection will not be restricted but you will be charged $ 2.50 per additional TB. If your dedicated server is one of the "selected" mentioned above, please send a support request to your CWS Team via the support ticket to enable this option.


Option 2

If you exceeded the traffic limit once, and don't plan on exceeding it again, we can remove the restriction, though this is only possible in the following month. To request this, please send a support request to our CWS team via the support ticket, clearly stating the cause of the increased traffic usage and the reason it will not happen again. For example, a single application caused a lot of traffic but has now been removed.




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